Ann Summers Sex Up Election Manifesto

Lingerie and sex toy specialists Ann Summers have been taking advantage of the recent buzz in politics with an online advertising campaign that targets keywords pertinent to the upcoming general election.

Online interest in the political candidates and the election itself has hit new peaks as 2010 marks the first true digital election in the UK. Internet visits to political websites increased by 31 per cent in the first week of April, revealed Experian Hitwise.

"Looking at the range of election related search terms used by British Internet users last week, it is clear that people are turning to the web for advice and information about the upcoming election," commented Experian Hitwise's director of research Robin Goad.

As a result, not only have the parties been devoting budgets to online campaigns to promote their manifestos, but retailers have seized upon the chance to grab traffic to their website in the online surge.

Ann Summers has targeted several keywords with amusing puns including "hung parliament," "election," and "Brown hole". The company ensured that it registered highly in Google Adwords, in some cases outbidding the efforts of the political parties themselves for words such as "Conservatives".

The dedicated webpage for the Ann Summers Erection Pledge promises a strict crackdown on crime with: "Whips, hand cuffs, spankers and restraints are needed for all naughty boys and girls who misbehave," and a revolutionary health policy which will see all female staff dressed in sexy nurse outfits.

The page is distinctly anti-Labour with explicit messages "Vote Pink not Brown" as well as the promise of "Labours of Love". Regardless of the political bias however, the internet advertising ploy is a clever one which has put Ann Summers in a prominent marketing position in the run-up to the election in May.

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