Google Bites Back at Microsoft Privacy Policy Punches


The back-biting between the two tech powerhouses Microsoft and Google has begun again over the familiar war-torn grounds of privacy policy. On the search giant’s official blog, Google’s policy manager Betsy Masiello made a post entitled “Busting myths about our approach to privacy policy”.

In it, Masiello actively attempts to dispel the “myths” surrounding Google’s apparent disregard for the privacy of its users. The key points of refutation are as follows:

  • Google doesn’t sell user information.
  • Google doesn’t read users’ emails.
  • Google’s privacy controls have not been recently changed.
  • Google privacy policy changes are intended to benefit the user in terms of online privacy and safety, rather than benefit online advertising agencies.
  • Google apps are safe and government-certified.

While Google didn’t specifically call out Microsoft as the aggressor who was circulating these accusations, the message is pretty clear since the links after most bullet points are to Microsoft as the source. Google seems happy to go toe-to-toe with Microsoft on the issue of online privacy but would rather not have it dissolve into a slugfest.

Masiello signs off with a parting shot at Microsoft:

“We’ve always believed the facts should inform our marketing—and that it’s best to focus on our users rather than negative attacks on other companies. Onwards!”

With its staggeringly large user base, Google has more to fear than anyone else about the repercussions of losing the trust of its product users. So are these accusations from Microsoft merely posturing, designed to unsettle the search market leader? Or are there any grounds to them?

Google’s feathers appear to remain unruffled for now. We’ll have to see if Microsoft conjures up a response to the response!



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