Yahoo and Bing Bring in More Successful Searches than Google

According to online data analysis experts Experian Hitwise, Google may handle the bulk of online search, but Bing and Yahoo! have managed to provide their users with more successful/useful search results.

Having analysed a sample of 10 million US internet users for four weeks in July, Experian Hitwise discovered that while Google handled two thirds of all online searches, only 68 per cent of those searched resulted in a link provided by Google being clicked on by the user. However, the rate of “successful searches” (i.e: the user clicks on a link provided in the search engine’s results page) for Bing and Yahoo! was a more healthy 80 and 81 per cent respectively.

The market share of online search held by the Bing and Yahoo! partnership of approximately 28 per cent may be dwarfed by Google, but it has been steadily increasing over the last few years. These small but steady increases don’t seem to be biting too much into Google’s hegemony, but rather they mostly appear to come at the expense of the minor search market minnows.

Bing (and its Yahoo! partner) may be making gains in the online search arena, but that hasn’t allowed Microsoft’s online division to actually turn a profit. In fact, it has faced the spectre of ever increasing losses despite the increased revenue it garners. Despite these losses, Microsoft seems loathe to abandon or even curtail their online efforts, especially now that they seem to be gaining some traction in the online search market.

Experian’s report will be heartening news for Yahoo! and Bing who’s efforts in improving search results in terms of accuracy have evidently been noticed and appreciated by their users.

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